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Blog post written by Keith Tidball, Ph.D., Cornell University

The idea of practicing target sports as a form of therapy may seem counter-intuitive to those involved in working with returning service members and veterans. However, many service members report that involvement in target sports is something they find relaxing and therapeutic as well as an enjoyable form of activity. Most of what is written about target sports as therapy, is popular reporting based on anecdotal evidence. The use of this form of therapy requires controlled, peer-reviewed study for its use and efficacy in order to become a clinical recommendation or best practice.

Though we cannot advise all service members or veterans to engage in target sports as therapy, we also cannot dismiss the use of this therapy in the right context. To that end, we talked with Louis McGranaghan, a physical therapist at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, who has thought a little about the subject. Here’s what he had to say —