Q&A with #eXmilcaregiving: Why is Medicaid an Important Resource for Service Members?

iStock_000000429058LargeMedicaid is an insurance program that provides health coverage for many who are low income or disabled. The program is operated at the state level, using federal and state funding. However, Medicaid programs vary substantially from state to state.

Medicaid can be an important resource because it may provide supplemental or “wrap-around” coverage for services that may have limited coverage under TRICARE or a service member’s primary insurance program. In doing so, it may provide coverage for services that are not otherwise provided under TRICARE or an insurance program. Because of state variability in Medicaid program services and delivery systems, there is a lack of programs and services consistency across the states.

To learn more about Medicaid check out our Medicaid and Military Families: An Introduction training.

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