Medication Management Training – Key Take Aways

Last Wednesday the Military Caregiving concentration hosted a professional development training on ‘Understanding Narcotic Medications for Service Members.’ Presenters Kristin Kuhlmann, Ph.D., and Captain Nancy Turrubiates provided participants with a basic overview of narcotic medications within the military, how medications effect wounded service members, and identified tips for effective case management for professionals working with family caregivers.

Upon completion of the training, Dr. Kuhlmann and Captain Turrubiates provided four ‘Key Take Aways’ for professionals to use within their work. Take a look at these key strategies below and think about how each tip could impact your work as a service provider.

Key Take Aways-Narcotic Meds

Are these tips helpful in your profession? What are some additional ‘Key Take Aways’ that have helped you in your work?

In case you missed last week’s presentation, it was recorded and can be found by going to Medication Management. Participants can also still receive continuing education credit from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and/or a certificate of completion.

This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on April 14, 2015.

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