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“We practice how to tap into emotions and use it to help us understand and reflect back to the Service Member.”  – Captain David Reedy, U.S. Air Force Chaplain

As a caregiver, your service member may open up to you about really severe stories or memories that have impacted them while serving. This can also hold true to many military helping professionals as they work with their clients. You may be thinking internally that the information the loved one or service member is sharing is hard to hear, but know it took a lot for that individual to really divulge. In those moments of deep conversation, barriers that once held him or her back are beginning to breakdown and you can get a sense of what their needs may be in regards to care management.

Watch and listen as Captain David Reedy, Air Force Chaplain at Joint Base San Antonio offers tips and benefits to handling emotional stories from service member’s military experiences.

How do you feel about Captain Reedy’s response? What are some things that you have found with regards to your wounded warrior’s stories?