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By Molly C. Herndon

The Personal Finance team hosted a very interactive webinar today, during which many of you shared resources in the chat box. We love hearing what resources you use in your work and we love linking those resources to your colleagues, however faraway they may be.

During today’s webinar, Estate Planning Basics & Advanced Directives our presenters Dr. Barbara O’Neill and Attorney Mary Benzinger talked quite a bit about probate and probate avoidance techniques. A webinar participant shared a book he had read on the topic: 8 Ways to Avoid ProbateAnother webinar participant shared that she had also read that book and found it valuable. Have you read this book? What other resources on probate can you share with us?

While online resources are so commonly shared during our webinars, it was refreshing to have a hardcopy book recommendation. However, another webinar participant shared in the chat box that he regularly borrows books from his military installation’s library via the e-book lending program. Many civilian libraries have similar programs. Check your local branch’s website for more details. Another option is Open Library, which is open to account holders to borrow many modern titles.

In addition to the resources you shared, our presenters compiled a bountiful list of resources related to estate planning topics before the webinar. This list includes links to the websites where more information on these topics can be found. What resources do you use that should be added to this list?

If you missed today’s webinar, check the event page for the recording which is available now. It was a great session and we thank you for such active participation today!