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By Molly C. Herndon

Thanks to all who joined us this morning as Dr. Barbara O’Neill, Dr. Carrie Johnson and Elizabeth Coogan delivered a fantastic 90-minute look into the world of student loans. Their impact, research on borrower’s behavior and financial literacy as well as an an overview of the services provided by the Federal Student Aid Office was discussed in this webinar.

Photo by Steven Depolo. CC BY 2.0.

Photo by Steven Depolo. CC BY 2.0.

Additionally, many great resources were shared and several of you said you’d like to receive a list of those resources. All the links shared in today’s webinar are available here. These include links to the Financial Aid Toolkit, repayment estimator calculators, Federal Student Aid YouTube videos, research conducted by the NC 2172 project and much more.

The webinar recording is available now, so please share the recording with a colleague or watch the webinar again.  Watching the recording is the best way to experience all the great interaction our webinar participants were having this morning.

The slides from today’s webinar also include the resources shared in today’s webinar and are available here.

Are there resources I missed? Any questions you had for our presenters that weren’t answered? Let me know here!