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By Molly C. Herndon

Spending during the holiday season can mean the new year begins with the stress and panic of seemingly unsurmountable credit card debt for many. The only way to prevent this burden is to plan ahead. The Personal Finance team has identified several resources for practitioners to share with clients to help them plan for holiday expenses and start 2016 on the right financial foot.

Photo of shoppers on street with holiday decorations

Holiday shopping is more enjoyable if it doesn’t come with debt in the new year. Photo by Ben and Kaz Askins

In this 90-minute video, Kelvin Boston discusses the common stressors of this holiday season and provides resources for coping with the financial burden of the holidays.

In this blog post, Dr. Barbara O’Neill offers tips for paying off credit card balances and using to organize credit card debt.

Finally, the University of Maryland Extension offers some tips and resources for smart shopping during the holidays, including making lists, setting budgets and paying in cash.

By planning ahead, the holidays can be full of cheer, not debt.