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Now this is relaxing!

There are two definitions of happy: feeling good, and the sense of contentment from living a full, rich, and meaningful life. Connecting with what’s happening right now is the best way to experience contentment.

Here are some ways we can affect our happiness:

Be here now-Focus on the present moment. Thinking about the future and what is to come can produce anxiety, while thinking about the past can bring feeling of guilt and regret.

Move your body-Your brain is very active, constantly producing thoughts that can interfere with the present moment. By moving, dancing, stretching and wiggling you interrupt the brain and help balance the chemicals in your brain to feel better.

Thoughts are not the truth-“Thoughts are nothing more than words inside our heads.” Sometimes our thoughts are true, making them facts, other times our thoughts are false. It’s important to remember that thoughts:

  • May or may not be true
  • May or may not be important
  • Are definitely not orders
  • May or may not be wise
  • Are never threats to us

Try some of these exercises to increase your happiness today!

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The information in this blog post is from “Would You Like to be Happier?” written by Jane Riffe Ed.D, LICSW, LPC, WVU Extension Specialist

This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on January 23, 2016.