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By Christina Herron, MS

Understanding the patterns and dynamics of a domestic violence relationship can be challenging. One resource that may be helpful to service providers and mental health clinicians is the Power and Control Wheel. Power and Control wheels are tools used to help individuals explain and understand the different tactics an abusive partner can use to control and manipulate a relationship.

The National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence has created a resource page titled, “Wheels Adapted from the Power and Control Wheel Model,” with different variations of the Power and Control Wheel. There are approximately 70 Power and Control Wheels that range in topics from domestic violence, abuse later in life, child abuse, bullying, advocacy empowerment wheel, equality wheel, police perpetrated domestic violence, immigrant power and control, alcohol, and other drug abuse, etc.  Be sure to check out all of the useful resources this website has to offer.

Below is a Power and Control Wheels that could be useful for your work with Military personnel and families.

This post was written by Christina Herron, MS, a member of the OneOp team which aims to support the development of professionals working with military families. Find out more about OneOp FD concentration on our website, Facebook, TwitterYouTube, and on LinkedIn.

Blog Image: Military Power and Control Wheel by National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, 2016.