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Today’s military service members and their families live, work and play in local communities throughout the country. They attend civilian schools and houses of worship, shop at local businesses and use local community services. Those community services play a key role in supporting service members and their families. By working together, military service providers and their civilian counterparts can build a community’s capacity to support service members and their families, and help them feel welcome and connected.


Community Capacity Building training offers ways for military service providers and service providers in the local community to work in partnership, pooling resources to support military families and accomplish their program goals. The training is offered in a two-part series, which includes the following:

Community Capacity Building – Fundamental provides an overview of community capacity building and offers ways organizations can support service members and families. The program takes service providers through a four-step process to create an effective plan.

Community Capacity Building – Advanced provides more in-depth training on the various elements of community capacity building. Topics include assessing and discussing community needs, engaging military leaders and monitoring a plan’s progress.

My Training Hub

The Community Capacity Building training is available to any individual or organization that supports military service members and their families. My Training Hub, a part of MilitaryOneSource, which hosts the Community Capacity Building trainings, is an easy-to-use learning management system with self-directed training courses for a variety of audiences. The Community Capacity Building trainings are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on My Training Hub.


Stay tuned for helpful videos and webinars on how you can use this training to help enhance community capacity to support military families.