Soul Care


In an article entitled Soul Care written by Jane Riffe Ed.D., LICSW, LPC,  Dr. Riffe explains how we feel happier and at our best when we have a way to connect to our “Soul.” Dr. Riffe describes how reestablishing a sense of balance benefits your mental, emotional, and physical health. Through activities, exercises and better understanding, this article helps manage thoughts, stress and emotions which, in turn encourages a healthier and happier life. The article discusses:

  • Why Struggling with Emotions Does Not Work
  • Mindfulness as an Alternative
  • How to Practice Mindful Awareness
  • How to Change to the Mindfulness Channel

For more information on practicing mindfulness to help reduce stress, control your present thoughts, and encourage a healthier and happier state of being, check out Dr. Riffe’s three-part caregiving audiocast series at Reflect! Keep Calm and Carry On.’

This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published February 5, 2016.


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