Are you ready for something new?

APAN Connect room
Screen shot example of the new webinar room from

Family Development Early Intervention is so excited to announce to our participants that all of the OneOp webinars will now be hosted on a new user-friendly platform.  This new platform has many features that foster engagement and make connecting so much simpler!


Adobe Connect based webinar platform hosted by the All Partners Access Network (APAN).  If you have had any experience with Adobe Connect then you should feel almost at home in APAN Connect as it works very similarly.  We now have the opportunity to display multimedia, take polls, and even use a whiteboard feature.  Not only that, but APAN allows us the opportunity to use “Breakout Rooms” for smaller group discussion.

Easy to connect…

The best part, however, is the ease with which one can connect to APAN.  You don’t need any security certificates or passwords.  Simply click on the link at the Learn Event page for the webinar you are attending and then enter as guest with just your first and last name.  It’s that simple!

On the go…

You can also take the OneOp with you wherever you go – mobile options are available for both Android and Apple devices.  Visit the How to Join page for full information.

Get ready…

You will have an entirely new experience when you attend the Family Development Early Intervention webinar on March 17 at 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  Dr. Carol Trivette will discuss with us How to Support Parents and Professionals in Early Intervention:  Principles of Adult Learning.  Click the link to register and learn more.

We hope to connect with you soon in APAN.


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