OneOp "Network News" – March 2016

The OneOp experienced an exceptional year of growth in 2015. We expanded from four concentration areas to seven and added two additional programming tracks within existing program areas. The new concentration areas include Family Transitions, Nutrition and Wellness, and Community Capacity Building. Additionally, Family Development began an Early Intervention track and Military Caregiving added a Lifespan Special Needs track. Staff for our new concentration areas and tracks are located at University of Minnesota, University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne, Cornell University, and West Virginia University. We invite you to learn more about our expanded team and programming areas here.

As our concentration areas grew, so did our programming activities. Personal Finance, Family Development, and Military Caregiving each offered a virtual learning event, providing a combined total of 11 sessions. Across the network, we presented 35 webinars and attracted 3,712 attendees who earned a total of 5,877 continuing education credits. In addition to continuing education credits from AFCPE, FINCERT, and NASW, in 2015 we were also able to offer credits from Georgia Marriage and Family Therapy (GAMFT), Early Intervention Training Program (EITP), and the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).

OneOp 2015

Our social media activities expanded as well with new Facebook and Twitter pages for Family Transitions, Nutrition and Wellness, and Community Capacity Building. We launched a new OneOp LinkedIn Group in November 2015, which is a moderated group for military family service professionals. The goal of the group is to help connect professionals across disciplines through expansive conversations around work with military families. If you have not yet joined this group, we invite you to do so here.

We hope you had the opportunity to grow and learn right along with us in 2015 by participating in our programming and connecting with us over social media. We are hard at work planning another year of virtual programming for military family service professionals and Extension professionals, and hope you will join us! Don’t miss out on all the learning opportunities we are offering in the coming months!

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