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May Webinar Announcement

We invite you to join us Wednesday May 4, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern for our free webinar Communication “In the Crunch.”

This webinar will focus on practices that open communication possibilities, and provide strategies for improving communication when under pressure.

Although we all have the intention to communicate clearly, during times of high stress or when we are “in the crunch,” we often revert to less skillful styles of making our point.

In this interactive 60-minute online session, participants will have the opportunity to discover how personal ‘agendas’ repeatedly interfere with effective communication, and will take away a RECIPE for more effective and efficient communication.

Reflective listening
Compromise and cooperation
I” Messages



Jane B. Riffe, Ed.D., LISCW, LPC

West Virginia University Extension Specialist in Family & Human Development, retired.


A certificate of completion will be available following the webinar. For more information about this event please go to the event page.

Interested in Joining the Webinar?

To join the webinar, simply click on Communication “In the Crunch.” The webinar is hosted by the Department of Defense APAN system, but is open to the public.

If you cannot connect to the APAN site, an alternative viewing of this presentation will be running on Ustream. Mobile options for Ustream are available on all Apple and Android devices.

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