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by Robin Allen MSPH, RDN, LDN

What a great webinar presented by Dr. Lisa Kinderman.  “Work-life integration means the possibility of showing up as a whole person with all that you value in your workplace, your communities, and at home. “

Some great resources were shared by the presenter and by the participants.   I have listed them below:

The Power of Full Engagement by Loehr & Schwartz

Blog site: Writing about Time Management, Life, Careers & Family

The University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center Resilience Training for the Army.  The Penn Resilience Program has been utilized since 2009.  This program is widely used by the United States Army as part of the Master Resilience Training program for Soldiers, family members of Soldiers, and Department of the Army civilians. This program is run by the Army’s Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness program.”

Comprehensive Air Force Fitness: A Lifestyle and culture, by Staff Sgt. Carlin Leslie, Air Force Public Affairs Agency Aug 10, 2014.

Air Force Resiliency Program Overview

Military & Family Life Counseling (MFLC) Program: Licensed Clinical Counselors who provide assistance to Service members and their families with issues they may face through deployment.

Resiliency Programs for Military Families: Non-medical counseling to support military families with concerns that are common with a military lifestyle such as anger, anxiety, grief, relocation, separation, etc.

Military OneSource:  Provides free comprehensive information and resources on every aspect of military life, their families and survivors.1-800-342-9647

The Military Crisis Line: an online chat and text messaging service free to all service members. It is available for Active Duty and Reserve.

Wendy LaRoche-APHC: Community Health Promotion Council. M-NEAT enables military communities to determine how well they support and promote a healthy eating environment.

This post was written by Robin Allen, a member of OneOp (MFLN) Nutrition and Wellness team that aims to support the development of professionals working with military families.  Find out more about the OneOp Nutrition and Wellness concentration on our website, on Facebookon Twitterand LinkedIn.

Reflection: What is your vision of the perfect blend of work, community, family, and play?