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Family Readiness System (2)

Adapted photo: Blue Door in Tomaj by Gorupka, Flickr, is licensed Creative Commons (CC By 2.0)

Mission readiness is inextricably linked to military family readiness.  Military family readiness occurs when servicemembers and their families are prepared for the unique challenges they face as members of the military community.  The adage “it takes a village” is well-suited for the approach taken to ensuring that military family readiness is a reality.

The Department of Defense defines The Family Readiness System (FRS) as  a network of agencies, programs, services, and individuals, and the collaboration among them, that promotes the readiness and quality of life of Service members and their families.. Personal and family life readiness, financial readiness, and mobilization and deployment readiness are all addressed by this network. The FRS has a variety of entry points both on- and off-post that can be accessed online, in person or via phone. Visit Military OneSource for additional details on services and points of access.

In connecting military family service providers to research and to each other through web-based learning opportunities, OneOp addresses two key concepts of the FRS.  Not only are we enhancing knowledge and practice, we are also focusing on community capacity building to connect formal and informal networks within DoD and the Cooperative Extension System.

We invite you to join us in September for the Family Development Virtual Learning Event or any of our regularly scheduled webinars. For a full listing of OneOp professional development opportunities, both upcoming and archived, visit our webinars page.

OneOp Webinars - September 2016 (2)