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The OneOp Military Caregiving concentration area would like to invite you to join us next month for our three-part Virtual Learning Event (VLE) entitled “Sensitive Topics in Caregiving: Tough Questions and Complex Answers.”

This three-part series includes topic areas in interpersonal relationships, families in crisis, and empowering caregivers. Each event encompasses the overall theme –  Sensitive Topics in Caregiving: Tough Questions and Complex Answers. Our goal is to encourage military helping professionals to focus on learning skills and strategies for improved communication in times of crisis as well as encourage preventative actions and efforts.

The VLE is a unique form of professional development that encourages those in attendance to identify sensitive topics, analyze strategies and best practices for effective communication with families, and use case studies or scenarios to apply new knowledge. We hope to decrease apprehension and resistance for helping professionals and caregivers to address sensitive topics.

The VLE sessions include:


Continuing Education Credit Available!

Each session will offer 1.5 continuing education credits from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), upon approval from the accrediting association, or a certificate of completion for those interested in receiving training hours.

For more information about each event as well as how to access the VLE please go to Sensitive Topics in Caregiving: Tough Questions and Complex Answers.

This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on September 9, 2016.