Want to add apps to your Dietetics practise?

Flickr CC Clive Darra ios apps taken Aug 12, 2012
Flickr CC Clive Darra ios apps taken Aug 12, 2012

By Joanna Manero, BS,Research Assistant, Graduate Assistant,Master’s Degree Student

It seems like whatever task you can think of, there’s an App, or mobile Smartphone application, that can do just what you need.  Why wouldn’t there be?  The App industry is huge and positioned to clinch the market of 64% of Americans that own a Smartphone device.

As healthcare professionals, it is our job to evolve and find innovative ways to reach our clients to give them the best and most up to date information.  Incorporating Apps in your current practice may help.  Tune into Justine Karduck and Kirsten DiFilippo’s webinar on Wednesday, September  21st at 11:00 AM EDT to learn about the evidence to support or disprove the use of Apps in nutrition education.  You will also learn how Apps can fit into your current practice, and how to evaluate an App.

If you are new to using Apps in your practice and decide to give it a try, you may be wondering if Apps are regulated in any way.  Apple just launched a strict new set of guidelines for health and medical related Apps.   In addition to the guidelines already in place, the updated guidelines focus on privacy protection, inaccurate data, and preventing harmful behavior.  Apple has put emphasis on Apps that are used to diagnose or treat patients.  These features will now require FDA approval.   To learn more about the guidelines in place, visit the links below.

These guidelines make our job of selecting Apps for practice a little easier. However, an App that works for one person may not work for the others.  It is important to understand your client and their goals.  Tune into the webinar to learn more about this process.

Are you using Apps in your practice?  If so, leave us a comment below and tell us about your experience!





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