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by Carol Trivette, Ph.D.

Home visitors often see how stress impacts a family’s life. Sometimes they understand the circumstances that are causing the stress especially as it relates to parenting a child with a disability. Sometimes providers have personal experience with the stress a family is experiencing such as divorce, loss of a loved one, financial stress, juggling work and parenting. However, when families are in a context less familiar to the home visitor, such as the context of a military family, it can be difficult for providers to understand what the family might be experiencing. This can create a great deal of stress on the provider as they try to figure out how to best serve a family in a circumstance of which they themselves have little understanding.

One way a provider can understand an unfamiliar circumstance is to learn more about it. Military families face unique challenges such as family separation due to deployment, frequent relocations leading to isolation from extended family and support systems, and coping with the effects of combat. OneOp recommends the following articles to help providers become more familiar with the challenges that military families face: