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Medicare and Medicaid services can be confusing, no matter what stage you may be at in your caregiving journey. As we prepare for next week’s webinar, ‘Medicare 2017 & What it Means for You!,’ it is important to highlight past presentations to help set the stage for the training. Think of these past presentations as a “refresher course,” before learning about changes to the Medicare system that will take affect this year.

Our OneOp Military Caregiving concentration has several trainings geared to provide basic educational information related to Medicare and Medicaid for providers and family caregivers. In addition to increasing your knowledge of the healthcare insurance programs, the trainings also offer certificates of completion for service providers.

Introduction to Medicare

Back to Basics: Medicare

In this webinar we provided a broad overview of Medicare program’s Part A and Part B as well as introduced CMS National Training Program. Medicare, the federal health insurance program for adults over age 65 and other qualified individuals, accounts for more than 48 million Americans through expenditures of more than $545 billion. Check out the Back to Basics: Medicare webinar recording today!

Medicaid and Military Families Series

In this three-part series, an overview of the Medicaid program is provided along with information covering options for children with special needs as well as adults with special needs.

An Introduction

This module will provide an overview of the Medicaid program. You will have the opportunity to learn about the overall purposes of the Medicaid program; its relevance to military families, especially those with family members who have special needs. Additionally, this recording will discuss the manner in which Medicaid is implemented and variations among the states.

Children with Special Needs

This module will concentrate on Medicaid options for children with special needs. The overall purpose of this module is to assist family support providers and others with a general knowledge of Medicaid and to provide some guidance on where to turn for resources and further information.

Adults with Special Needs

The final module in this series examines Medicaid options for older family members, such as spouses and adult children. This webinar and the others in this series offer a certificate of completion.

We hope to see you at our “Medicare 2017 & What it Means for You” webinar on February 22, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. This webinar will offer 1.0 CE credit from the UT School of Social Work as well as a certificate of completion. To register for this webinar please visit the event page.

 This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on February 17, 2017.