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In our most recent webinar, Medicare 2017 & What it Means for You, there were some questions from participants concerning Medicare coverage outside the United States. Please read through the questions below to see what questions were asked and the resources that we’ve found to address them. Also, if it piques your interest to learn more, you can view the session at the event page.


Participant Question: Since Guam is a U.S. Territory, are Medicare beneficiaries covered by Medicare in Guam?

Answer: YES! US Territories are considered part of the US when determining Medicare coverage. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has produced the following video to help clarify Medicare coverage abroad – Medicare & You: Traveling Abroad

For additional information about Medicare coverage when traveling outside of the U.S. please refer to this article: Travel (when you need health care outside the U.S.)


Participant Question: I am in the military with a dependent that has Medicare. If we get stationed overseas, is my dependent still covered by Medicare?

Answer: Yes, your dependent is still a Medicare beneficiary but it is unlikely that her/his coverage will be honored. Assuming you are not stationed in one of the territories referenced above and assuming the person isn’t a military retiree eligible for TRICARE for Life, Medicare may provide coverage for emergency treatment OCONUS (Outside Continental United States). However, the beneficiary will likely have to file the claim him/herself. Please note that Medicare will not pay for routine, non-emergency procedures. *


*We are gathering additional information to answer this question in more detail. Updates may be made to this post in the future. 

 This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on February 24, 2017.