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Check out our newest blog series, ‘Confessions of a Caregiver,’ coming out this Friday, March 10, featuring military caregiver, Nikki Stephens. Nikki is a dual caregiver to her husband, Marine Corps Veteran, John, and her son, Kealan, who has special healthcare needs. She will be providing monthly blog posts on her caregiver journey and the everyday challenges that come with life after the military. Watch and listen below as Nikki shares a little of her background and introduces the series.

 Be on the lookout this Friday for Nikki’s first post by going to: Nikki Stephens, “The Dual Caregiver”

Confessions of a Caregiver’ blog series spotlights family caregivers who are working to care for their wounded warriors and/or families with special healthcare needs. Their inspiring stories and strength in overcoming adversities is a true testament to the nature of the military caregiving community.

If you are a military caregiver and would like to share your story, please contact [email protected]