Creating Space in Extension

Creating Space in Extension. An #EdTechLN Tweet-up. #Maythe4th at 2 p.m. ET
Creating Spaces for Extension – Created with images by Pexels – “characters close-up darth vader” CC0

Is it a coincidence that the EdTechLN will be hosting a Tweetup about creating space in Extension on the unofficial Star Wars day #Maythe4th [be with you]? What on Earth will we be talking about?

Space is where thinking, learning, reflection, conversation, inspiration, and more can occur. Often times, creating these spaces leads to skill building, creation of knowledge, and the discovery of innovative ideas.

The Network Literacy community of practice has been especially interested in nurturing these spaces. Leading and facilitating new ways for people to connect, learn, share and act together can often create the needed space to address wicked and collective problems.

As the Network Literacy team. We were struck by the tweet from Jamie Seger, leader of the Educational Technology Learning Network, that asked if creation spaces are critical to Extension:

Space can mean many things. It might mean providing ourselves with an opportunity to go beyond our plans of work, follow our curiosity, explore new ideas and technology, reflect on past experiences, and consider alternate strategies.

Creating space can mean creating those times, places, and platforms where what occurs is filled by what we choose at that moment, or is created by connecting with others that are drawn together by similar interests and passions.

We think creating these spaces is critical to Extension, but what is really interesting to us, is how people are finding the time and space to nurture these spaces in Extension.  Please join #EdTechLN on #Maythe4th, 2017 @ 2 pm ET for a discussion about how we create these spaces for our personal growth, professional development, and collective action.

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