Resource Discovery: Children’s Books Relating to LGBT Families

By Robyn DiPietro-Wells, Heather Johnson, and Misty Krippel

Childrens Books by AnnieSpratt, CC0, Available at
Children’s Books by AnnieSpratt, CC0, Available at

Recently the Family Development team presented two webinars surrounding LGBT families:

As a follow up to this, the Early Intervention team wanted to provide practitioners with a list of children’s books on the topic.  You can find the list HERE which includes book descriptions, recommended age ranges, and even a link to a recording of the book being read aloud when available.

We also created something called a book nook for one of the recommended books, Stella Brings the Family.  A book nook is a simple guide providing “hands-on ways to embed social emotional skill building activities into everyday routines.”  The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) has many other book nooks available here.  The book nook we created for Stella Brings the Family can be found HERE.


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