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Photospin/Galyna Novykova

We had a lively discussion of financial games and activities educators are using to teach financial concepts and lessons in this morning’s webinar, 50 Interactive Personal Finance Learning Activities with Dr. Barbara O’Neill. Here are the activities and resources our participants said they’re using:

Financial Games:

Idaho Extension financial resources and games, free for educators

University of Minnesota Youth & Money activities including music and children’s books

Small Steps to Health & Wealth Youth Bean Game Activity



Case studies

Show & Share

Would You Rather?

Million Dollar Sailor

Ball Full of Savings

Teaching Concepts

FINRA fund analyzer

The Credit Score Quiz

Mutual fund screener

Finance-themed Music:

Ka-ching by Shania Twain

Creating Content:

Free program called PicPick to take screenshots. It works great – just make sure to uncheck the boxes trying to get you to install other programs.


What resources and activities are you using to teach financial concepts? Please share in the comments.

If you missed this morning’s webinar, check the event page to listen to the recording.