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This week we had the opportunity to interview Deputy Adjutant General for New Mexico National Guard, Brigadier General Kenneth Nava. We discussed his efforts to build capacity across the state to provide support for NM service members. 

Brigadier General Kenneth A. Nava serves as the Assistant Adjutant General – Army and Deputy Adjutant General for the State of New Mexico.  In addition to overseeing all Army National Guard matters in New Mexico, his responsibilities include serving as the principal liaison to senior military officials, various state and federal officials, the legislature, local governments, and community groups. General Nava provides overall guidance and direction for state operations including business administration and facilities management.  General Nava assumes full responsibility for the Adjutant General in his absence of more than 4,000 soldiers / airmen assigned to the State and in excess of $96 million dollars of Federal and State funding.


The OneOp Community Capacity Building team would like to thank General Nava for taking the time to discuss his work in New Mexico, it has been very informational for others working to build capacity in their communities. 


If you are working with an organization that would like to learn more about supporting this effort to build capacity in New Mexico and support the service members and families, contact Susie Galea, Building Healthy Military Communities state coordinator, at

To contact the Department of Veteran Services, visit their website.