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June was an exciting month for a number of our OneOp colleagues as they traveled to several conferences to present and learn with the best of the best.

Here’s a recap:

At the Association for Communication Excellence Conference in New Orleans, Jen Chilek facilitated a hands-on session about the importance of attributing images and captioning videos. In addition, she shared the MFLN’s model of social media as wrap-arounds for our webinar education, discussing the tools we use for collaboration as well strategies for online audience engagement.

The week of June 10, OneOp colleagues Bob Bertsch, Karen Jeannette, and Anita Harris participated in Big Skies, Bold Partnerships, the 2017 join conference of Community Development and National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals. Anita Harris and Bob Bertsch both ‘wowed’ crowds with their 5 minute IGNITE presentations. Anita shared how community development professionals can connect with OneOp and local military service providers to support the unique needs of military families in communities across the United States. Bob shared how to build more cooperative relationships and networking opportunities to address grand social and environmental challenges through an approach called Working Out Loud.

Prior to the conference, Bob, Karen, and Anita, and Nebraska Extension colleague, Connie Hancock, led a full-day, hands-on, pre-conference session illustrating how community development professionals could use the 5 elements of Working Out Loud and Working Out Loud circles to facilitate both personal and community change.

At the National Extension Technology Community (NETC) Conference in Savannah, Georgia, Kerry Walker and Coral Owen conducted a session on cost-saving methods to increase audience reach, demonstrating how Open Broadcast Software (OBS) can be used to stream a live webinar to YouTube Live. Coral also facilitated a “Birds of a Feather”  roundtable discussion for IT professionals and Extension educators on innovative uses of technology in program delivery.

Kerry, Coral, and Jen Chilek (who was busy presenting elsewhere!) were awarded the Team Excellence Award by NETC for “demonstrating a strong work ethic, commitment to service, effective teamwork and exceptional job performance.”

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