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By Caitlyn Brown

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently began to create and distribute programs aiming to help disseminate information to the public. These Technical Packages encourage the community to take advantage of gathered evidence and practices in a variety of topic areas.

This blog covers the first of multiple Technical Package resource posts and focuses on preventing child abuse and neglect. This particular technical package looks at the most recent research and provides techniques for professionals and communities to assist in preventing child abuse and neglect. Each report section discusses the rationale for the topic and approaches to implementing the prevention strategy in the community; and then shares the outcomes of such techniques. Below, we summarize some of the highlights from the Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect Technical Package.

Strengthen Economic Supports for Families:
This section covers economic approaches that communities can take to strengthen a family’s financial security through the following ways: child support payments, tax credits, state options for managing federal nutrition assistance programs, assisted housing mobility, family-friendly work policies, paid leave and flexible consistent schedules.

Chang(ing) Social Norms to Support Parents and Positive Parenting:
This section covers the rationale for changing social norms and multiple approaches such as public engagement and education campaigns, as well as legislative approaches to reduce corporal punishments.

Provide Quality Care and Education in Early life:
Many professionals already recognize the importance of quality care and education in the critical periods of a child’s development. This section discusses the different approaches that could be implemented in a community to increase care and education such as: pre-school enrichment with family engagement and improved quality of child care through licensing and accreditation. This section also thoroughly discusses the evidence that supports each of these approaches.

The CDC’s technical package has a wealth of information that can be extremely useful to professionals in a community capacity. We at OneOp highly recommend exploring the technical package to better educate yourself in techniques to help individuals and families.

If you would like to read the CDC’s Preventing Child Abuse & Neglect technical package, you can access it here:

Be on the lookout for our future blogs on some of the other technical packages offered by the CDC.

Blog Image: Picture of Centers for Disease Control Technical Package on Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect