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Our virtual conference draws to a close today, but we hope your participation and engagement throughout the week has a lasting impact on your ability to adapt, grow, and thrive during times of change. For now, we have one more exciting day of sessions and conversations!

Rosemarie Allen uses the example of children’s school experiences to discuss implicit bias and its impact on our interactions with others. Whether working with children or adults, our ability to be aware of our biases is a crucial first step in positively changing our work and home environments.

Jones Loflin uses a gardening analogy to illustrate the elements essential to getting change moving and in the right direction. He discusses a sustainable approach to change, including ways to accelerate change and the need to celebrate even small success in the change process.

Finally, Jones will join Andy Crocker in our conference capnote session. This session is designed to let you, our conference participants, lead the discussion. Our moderators want to hear about your takeaways from the week! Please share your insights as we conclude a week of learning and prepare to return to our workdays ready to embrace, support, and create change.

What struck you about today’s sessions? What are you thinking about sharing during the capnote? Don’t be shy! Please share your thoughts below as a comment.

-Brigitte Scott,
Director of Program Development and Evaluation, MFLN