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Welcome to day two of the OneOp Virtual Conference! Today’s sessions cover a wide variety of perspectives, from personal change right on through to organizational change.

Barbara Thompson and Judi Dekle start our day with discussions about change from a policy standpoint, particularly within the military landscape. They sift through the challenges, opportunities, and benefits related to policy changes supporting military family readiness, and remind us of the value and power of DoD’s Family Readiness System.

Christian Waugh then brings the conversation to a personal level as he addresses the connections between positive emotions and resilience, as well as the importance of positive emotions in stress management during times of change.

We’re covering lots of ground today! What are you learning? Do you have a “change story” to share, whether from a personal growth experience, from an organization-wide shift, or on any level in between? What are you taking with you from these sessions today?

Please share your thoughts below as a comment! We look forward to hearing from you!

-Brigitte Scott,
Director of Program Development and Evaluation, MFLN