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By: Caitlyn Brown

Happy friends

Pixabay[Happy Friends Girls by DomAlberts, CC0]

What is a healthy relationship, exactly? The answer isn’t nearly as simple as the question. The better question to ask would be what distinguishes the space between healthy and unhealthy and then unhealthy and abusive. With the help of society and social media outlets, inaccurate and misleading information regarding healthy relationships can be disseminated rather widely and easily, making it hard for us to distinguish its accuracy. Fortunately, That’s Not Cool, a public education initiative, created a smartphone app aimed to innovatively and creatively help young people practice healthy relationship skills.


Respect Effect is an app available for both Android and Apple devices. That’s Not Cool created it with the intention of helping young adults lead the way in promoting positive change in communities. The Respect Effect app consists of a live feed similar to that of Facebook or Twitter. But instead of posting constant updates or sharing posts, the feed consists primarily of completed challenges that allow the user to practice healthy relationship skills. These skills and challenges are then shared and act as a competition between users. These skills further promote healthy relationships with significant others and family members, increasing the respect individuals have for one another.

That’s Not Cool’s web page is a useful resource on positive relationships both in person and online.  If you would like more information on healthy relationships, we invite you to check out our webinar entitled On Solid Ground.

This post was written by  Caitlyn Brown of the  OneOp Family Development Team. The Family Development team aims to support the development of professionals working with military families.  Find out more about OneOp Family Development team on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.