Meet Dr. Alaina Szlachta: Healing Insights about Establishing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

By: David Lee Sexton, Jr.

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Alaina Szlachta, Ph.D.

Dr. Szlachta is a scholar and practitioner who intersects the academic world of rigorous research and interdisciplinary teaching with the private sector. Dr. Szlachta is currently the Director of Training with the National Domestic Violence Hotline, where she developed the Hotline’s 60-hour Domestic Violence Advocacy Training Program and facilitates training on healthy relationships, intimate partner violence, and culturally responsive practice.

Fostering Healthy Relationships in Military Families

In an insightful 90-minute webinar, Szlachta (2016) explores characteristics that define both healthy and unhealthy relationships. Furthermore, the differences between unhealthy and abusive relationships are explored, and guidance is presented for mental health professionals working with clients who may be in abusive relationships. For example, Szlachta discusses clues to look out for which may indicate to a mental health professional that it is time to have a conversation about the health of a client’s relationship. In addition, Szlachta identifies specific challenges military service members face in maintaining healthy relationships and provides strategies service members and their families can use to tackle the specific challenges they face, such as creating emotional safety plans.

What Previous Viewers Have to Say

You don’t have to just take it from us that this was an insightful and useful webinar. Here are some things that our participants had to say about this webinar:

“I loved the idea of having an ’emotional safety plan’ for our military families.”

“I participate in a couple of webinars monthly and this was really one of the best I’ve heard lately. The amount of interaction in the chat panel was encouraging and the leader was open to interaction vs. simply reading from the slides. Really enjoyable and learned a lot. Thank you. “

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about maintaining healthy relationships, please take some time to watch the OneOp Family Development Team’s free, archived webinar presented by Alaina Szlachta, Ph.D.

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Szlachta, A. (2017). On solid ground: Exploring strategies to help clients create and maintain healthy relationships. OneOp Family Development. Retrieved from:

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