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On Tuesday, October 26th, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke hosted a first-ever roundtable discussion with members of his leadership team and veteran service organizations about hunting and fishing access on public lands for Veterans. Over 20  veteran advocates, many who specialize in hunting and fishing therapy for returning warriors, shared experiences and ideas to make public lands more accessible to veterans with and without disabilities.

“Hunting and fishing present such an incredible healing opportunity for our veterans who return home with physical and emotional wounds. Unfortunately, many of our public lands are either inaccessible to individuals with various physical disabilities, or we just don’t offer programs to encourage veterans to access and use them. I want these warriors to be able to return home from their service and enjoy the very lands they fought to protect. I want to make sure hunting and fishing on public lands is easily accessible and available. Hearing ideas from leaders in the veteran community about how to achieve this goal has given my team some much-needed insight as we move forward,” said Secretary Zinke.

Veteran and Senior Extension Associate Dr. Keith G. Tidball shook hands and thanked Secretary Ryan Zinke for his service in defense of freedom, and asked that he continue to defend access to public lands for veterans.

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