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We would like to thank all service members who have served and who are currently serving, for their patriotism, sacrifice, love of country and willingness to serve.

There are many ways to honor a veteran who has dedicated their life to serving and protecting this country. Below are a few ideas!

1.  Attend the Veteran’s Day Parade.

Veterans day parades are a great place to join your community in support of Veterans.

2.  Treat a Veteran to a cup of coffee or dinner.

Share a cup of coffee with a Veteran and spend time with them. Showing your gratitude doesn’t need to be an elaborate event, it just needs to be meaningful. You can change someone’s day over dinner or drinks.

3.  Offer to help with household chores.

Offer to help Veterans and their families around the house. You can rake the leaves, clean the gutters, or even just mow the yard. You can also offer to help them tackle that to-do list.

4.  Send a care package.

Homemade treats, meals, and thoughtful care packages are an excellent way to show a Veteran you know how much their service and dedication to this country means to you.

5.  Commit to volunteering at an organization that provides assistance to Veterans.

Although Veteran’s have a very special day set aside for us to show our appreciation, the truth is they deserve our dedication and acknowledgement all year long. Make a commitment to volunteer throughout the year.

What will you be doing this Veteran’s Day? Share in the comments below!


This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on November 10, 2017.