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Christopher Plein, Ph.D.  West Virginia University and MLFN Caregiving Team Member.

November has been Military Family Month – it’s been a time to recognize and reflect on the contributions made by military personnel and their families, both active duty and those retired.  With the close of the month, it is fitting to discuss some of the resources that are available for today’s military families.  In the MFLN’s Caregiving Concentration Area we seek to provide caregivers and those who support their efforts the resources and information that can be of help.  One very important resource is Military OneSource which serves as both a portal to resources and a platform of important information, services, and training for those in and around the military community.

On December 13, we will be offering a webinar on Military OneSource that will be delivered by program staff.  They will review some of the purposes of this federal government program and some of the important developments that have been underway to improve and enhance services and resources to military families.

Many Needs, One Source: Navigating Military OneSource for Caregiver Support

 December 13, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern

In anticipation of the Webinar, this blog provides a brief introduction and overview of Military OneSource – with special focus on caregiving resources.

In our age of connectivity, most of us turn immediately to the internet to find out information about things that are both new and familiar.  The hard lessons of searching and hunting down information have taught many of us that some web-based resources are more helpful than others.  One of the most important functions of Military OneSource is to provide quality information that is up-to-date and reliable. This information can help military personnel and families at different stages of life, career, and in the face of new and unexpected challenges and opportunities.  As Military OneSource stresses, “Each person we serve is on a journey through the military life cycle. We’re here to help, with robust online information and resources vetted by the Department of Defense. In addition, Military OneSource connects you to high-quality programs, services and products developed for military life.”

A visit to the Military OneSource website reveals the many different resources that are available.  The set-up allows for both general and specific information.  It acts as a portal in identifying trusted resources to link to and access.  A non-exhaustive list of topic areas includes financial and tax consultation; spouse education and career opportunities, wounded warrior and caregiver services; special needs; spouse relocation and transition; and adult disability and elder care.

Those interested in military family caregiving and information on healthcare, healthy living, mental health, and wounded warriors will find Military OneSource especially helpful.  It offers a pathway to helpful online resources.

Military OneSource is more than just a portal to other online resources, it is also a platform to provide more active and one-on-one services to families.  For example, confidential help is available for non-medical counseling either through an online live chat or by telephone.

The measure of any successful network can be found in the strength and ties of the actors, stakeholders, and participants within.  Military OneSource serves as a hub and center of activity to assist military families.  It is tied closely to resources beyond the Department of Defense, offering a level of quality assurance in an information rich age.  It also provides inroads to military support and family readiness, be it Army Community Services, Marine Corps Community Services, Navy Fleet and Family Support Center, and Airman and Family Readiness Centers.  Like OneOp, it serves as a network for information, learning, and action.  We hope that you can join us on December 13 for our webinar – Many Needs, One Source: Navigating Military OneSource for Caregiver Support.


This MFLN-Military Caregiving concentration blog post was published on November 24, 2017.