Implicit Bias: From Awareness to Positive Change

Rosemarie Allen


In this session, Dr. Rosemarie Allen explores the role of implicit bias through the lens of her expertise in Pre-K and elementary school classrooms. She encourages participants to understand the dynamics of implicit bias and its impacts, challenges us to reflect on our own unspoken biases, and shares strategies for us to use to minimize our biases in professional settings.

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Learning Objectives

  • Develop awareness of one’s own ‘hot buttons’ as related to children’s behaviors and understand the importance of providing opportunities for children and adults to comprehend their own, as well as others’ emotions.
  • Foster an understanding of implicit bias and its impact on teaching, learning, and interacting.
  • Use culturally responsive practices to develop supportive environments and implement strategies for developing social emotional competencies.

About the Speaker

Rosemarie Allen, Ph.D. has been an educational leader for over 30 years and is a national expert on implicit bias and culturally responsive practices. She is currently the President & CEO of the Institute for Racial Equity and Excellence.

Session Materials

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