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This national database allows Veterans, farmers, and organizations such as Cooperative Extension, to connect with each other through farmland, farm employment, and training program listings.

Mollie Romano

Photo from National Center for Appropriate Technology

Networking Tools for Veterans in Agriculture

Veterans in agriculture can now get information in one place with this national database that lists:

  • Organizations offering agriculture training programs for Veterans
  • Jobs from farmers who want to employ Veterans
  • Farmland available to Veterans from landowners who want to help Veterans get started in farming
  • Farms of Veterans who are already farming

Each listing is categorized by color and ‘pinned’ on the map based off the location. Check it out! 

Catherine Corr

Catherine Corr

Along with the Farmland, Farm Employment, and Training Program Locator database, NCAT/ATTRA  also has a Veterans in Agriculture Listserv.

For more information about these networking tools, go to where you will also be able to find contact information to help with further questions.

About the ATTRA Project

In a time of an increasing need to develop a more sustainable and environmentally benign agricultural industry, National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) staff developed  and proposed to Congress the ATTRA project.  Funded in 1987 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the project  serves Cooperative Extension agents, farmers, ranchers,  and others interested in conserving soils and water, reducing chemical inputs, and/or diversifying their agriculture operations.