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Friday Field Notes banner image: Featuring engaging stories from practitioners about how partnerships with Cooperative Extension help build Community Capacity to support military service men and women and their families.
With continued efforts to better leverage the Cooperative Extension System as a force multiplier in Military Family Readiness and Capacity Building, we would like to share the 4-H Dog Programs available at each Cooperative Extension office in the pilot states.


Animal-Assisted Therapy


The therapeutic potential of animals was first discovered in the 1800’s when treating anxiety in children and adults. Since then, the benefits of Animal-Assisted (AAT) Therapy has become more common and increasingly recognized. Many reports can be found on the cardiovascular, psychological, and cognitive benefits and potential impact of AAT.


Today, ATT is offered by many healthcare facilities, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. One animal that is common in the AAT world, is our furry four-legged friend the dog.




Nationwide, 4-H offers a dog curriculum. Through active participation in 4-H Dog programs and projects, youth develop responsibility, communication skills, decision-making, and nurturing.


State Extension 4-H Dog Programs and Projects






New Mexico