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The Army as a Branch and the Army’s Birthday

When the American Revolution broke out, colonies did not have an army but instead had troops assembled together from various New England militia companies. With no unified chain of command, the American volunteers were led, armed, paid and supported by the colonies they were raised in.

In 1775, before this “army” was to confront the British seasoned professional troops, the revolutionaries recognized the need to quickly re-organize their forces and enlist all of the American seaboard colonies for support.

On June 14th, Congress voted to “adopt”‘ the troops per John Adams’ request. Congress also formed a committee “to bring in a draft of rules and regulations for the government of the Army”, along with authorizing a formation of 10 companies of expert riflemen. The next day, George Washington was appointed as commander-in-chief of the Army.

Every year on June 14th, the birthday of the Army is celebrated. This year, the Army is celebrating its 243rd birthday!

History between the Army, USDA, Cooperative Extension Service and Land-Grant Universities

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Cooperative Extension service and land-grant Universities, the Department of Defense (DoD) and military service components partnered to support service members and their families more than 25 years ago. On military installations, there are many levels of involvement for educational programming by the Cooperative Extension Service:

  • Encouraging Participation in Local Community Programs
  • Consultation
  • Sharing Resource Materials
  • Delivering Special Programs
  • Opportunities for Collaboration

Listed below are  opportunities for collaboration in areas of Cooperative Extension expertise:

  • 4‐H Youth Development
  • Child Care and School‐Age Care Programs
  • Family Caregiving
  • Family Financial Readiness
  • Family Life Education
  • Family Member Employment
  • Food Safety and Food Security
  • Home Care, Maintenance and Energy Use
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Volunteer Development

Though similar in many aspects, each Branch of Service has its own distinct identity and character; making it important to understand when developing and maintaining collaborative relationships that are successful. One of the Service components is the Army. Here is a brief description:

“The Army is organized, trained, and equipped primarily for prompt and sustained combat operations on land. It is responsible for the preparation and sustainment of land forces necessary for the effective prosecution of war except as otherwise assigned and, according to integrated joint mobilization plans, for the expansion of the peacetime components of the Anny to meet the needs of war. The Army is a total force, comprised of both Active and Reserve forces.”

Relationship with the Army and Cooperative Extension Today

School will be out soon and summer is just around the corner for our military youth. Since summer is a time for them to have fun being a kid and getting outdoors, the Cooperative Extension now offers summer camps at little to no cost for our military youth of Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and Retired personnel.

Military Teen Adventure Camps is one such camp that Purdue Cooperative Extension runs, with activities such as:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Running rope courses
  • Whitewater rafting….and many more activities that military youth can also do with their families.

Interested in finding more summer camps for military youth? Call your local Cooperative Extension to see what programs they offer.