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Across the nation, schools will officially be back in session for our military students. Going back to school can be an exciting time, but for both students and parents, it can also be stressful.

To help foster healthy and resilient futures for our military families and youth, here are some back-to-school resources for success in school by Cooperative Extension.


Here are proven tips, strategies and insights on how to successfully and safely navigate the back-to-school season from Oklahoma Cooperative Extension and their land-grant University:


Here are resources to help with success in school from Minnesota Cooperative Extension and their land-grant University:

  • School Transitions provides resources to help you help your child through a school transition.
  • Supporting Learning provides resources to help provide positive and constructive learning experiences for children outside of school.
  • Parent-school Partnerships provides resources to help with meaningful dialogue between parents and teachers, which creates mutual understanding and enhances both parents’ and children’s experiences with school.
  • Research is Minnesota’s Cooperative Extension’s research and evaluation about success in schools.