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Planning a wedding, getting married, becoming a parent, going through a divorce… all life events that can affect finances and emotions. Dr. Barbara O’Neill facilitated the second webinar of the 3-part Family Finances Series hosted by the MFLN’s Personal Finance and Family Development Concentration Areas on August 28, 2018. During this webinar, Dr. O’Neill discussed 16 different life events; some involving relationships and some involving big purchases. The following are some insights gained from the webinar:

  • Some life events involve relationships and some involve purchases.
  • Not everyone experiences each event, but many people do.
  • Not everyone goes through life events in the same order.
  • Military families experience life events in unique ways in balancing their personal/family, military, and financial life cycles, which oftentimes overlap.
  • Life events involving relationships include: Cohabitation, Planning a wedding, Marriage, Parenthood, Divorce, Widowhood, and Remarriage.
  • Life events can also be centered around purchasing big ticket items such as: Buying or Leasing a Car and Home Buying.
  • College Planning, Retirement, Unemployment, and Caregiving Duties are also major life events that can have profound impacts on family dynamics.
  • Some life events require long term planning, but some have to be faced with quick decisions. By utilizing positive action steps, many of these events can be addressed and planned for.

If you missed the live webinar, there’s no need to worry because we’ve got the archived version for your viewing convenience here. In addition to watching the webinar on the event page, you can also find out information on how to obtain 1.5 CEUs if you are an AFC or CPF-credentialed participant. CEUs are also available for licensed social workers, family therapists, or professional counselors until August 28, 2019. And, don’t forget to check out part 1 and part 3 of this series- CEUs are offered for these as well!