Family Development Year In Review: 2018
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It’s been another great year here at OneOp Family Development! We’ve had some very exciting programming opportunities and we wanted to make sure you had them all at your fingertips to help you start your 2019 off on the right foot!


We kicked our year off with Dr. Lauren Marlotte’s webinar which focused on the impact of violence on youth such as bullying, teen dating violence, and school shootings. Dr. Marlotte offered information on ways professionals can assist parents in protecting their youth from the damaging effects of violence. CEUs for this webinar are available until March 22, 2019.

Our next webinar was facilitated by Dr. Thomas Britt who addressed the determinants of mental health treatment seeking among military personnel and interventions to increase the percentage of military personnel seeking treatment. CEUs for this webinar are available until April 19, 2019.

May’s webinar was facilitated by Dr. Tammi Dice and Mr. Tony Dice who invited participants to examine the relationship between self-awareness, knowledge of others, and culturally alert interventions. Dr. and Mr. Dice challenged participants to recognize the influence of intersecting identities on themselves and their clients and introduced strategies for gaining self and other awareness. CEUs for this webinar will be available until May 24, 2019.

Our Family Finances Series started off with Dr. Kacy Mixon of the Family Development team and Dr. Martie Gillen of the Personal Finance team discussing the emotional and financial impacts of separation and single parenting in the military. CEUs for this webinar are available until July 10, 2019.

Next up in July was Part 1 of our collaborative series on Posttraumatic Growth. Dr. Richard Tedeschi provided us with the theoretical model and research basis of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG). CEUs for this webinar will be available until July 18, 2019.

In August, we had a webinar with Dr. Jennifer DiNallo from the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Penn State. During this webinar, Dr. DiNallo shared information on the GROW program which is part of the THRIVE Initiative and is designed to guide parents in learning and using parenting and health promotion strategies for raising healthy children. CEUs will be available until August 16, 2019.

In collaboration with the OneOp Nutrition and Wellness Team, our next webinar was with Dr. Barbara Fiese from the Family Resiliency Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During this 60-minute webinar, Dr. Fiese discussed the benefits of family mealtimes, how they affect health and wellbeing, and tips on how to create a positive mealtime experience even during the busiest times. CEUs for this webinar will be available until August 21, 2019.

We ended August with Dr. Barbara O’Neill in part two of our 3-part Family Finances Series. Dr. O’Neill facilitated a 90-minute webinar on financial planning for life events including marriage, remarriage, divorce, retirement, home-buying, and others. CEUs are available until August 28, 2019.

We finished up our collaboration with OneOp Personal Finance with our third and final webinar of the Family Finances Series in November with Neale Godfrey who discussed the importance of raising financially responsible children. CEUs are available for this webinar until November 27, 2019.

Finally, our last webinar of the year is the first in our Kids Serve Too Series, which focuses on an overview of Sesame Street for Military Families and the resources they have to offer. CEUs will be available for this 60-minute webinar until December 6, 2019. And be sure to stay tuned for the continuation of the Kids Serve Too Series throughout 2019.

Virtual Conference

In September, the OneOp hosted its second annual Virtual Conference entitled Cultural Competency| Awareness Action Advocacy. The Family Development Team welcomed Dr. Jenifer McGuire to facilitate a session on sexual orientation and gender expression within families. CEUs for this session and all other Virtual Conference sessions will be available until September 2019.

Podcast Episodes

Our 2018 Anchored. podcast episodes covered a wide range of topics including experiences of college students in military families, an overview of the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness’ THRIVE Initiative, helping children cope with parental loss, single parenthood in the  military, helping wounded warriors heal at home, and  Posttraumatic Growth. CEUs are available until various dates in 2019, check each episodes webpage for more details.

Anchored. made its debut on iTunes in 2018- be sure to subscribe to our series so you can get the latest information and episodes first!


Don’t forget to check out all of our blogs from 2018 as well! We have shared plenty of resources and covered lots of important topics.

Happy New Year to you all and thank you so much for your continued support of OneOp.

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