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field notesAs we move into 2019, let us review the year we had in 2018 and look at the resources that are available for our military families service providers.

calendar of 2018


Extension Disaster Education NetworkThe United States saw multiple natural disasters in 2018, reminding us with the harsh reality that a natural disaster can be deadly. Two of our pilot states, Maryland and Florida, faced deadly natural disasters.

In May, Maryland was faced with flash flooding, devastating Ellicott City. Maryland National Guardsman and Air Force veteran, Eddison Hermond, was swept away to his death when jumping in to help.

In October, Hurricane Michael left a trail of destruction in Florida, demolishing Mexico Beach and taking over 43 lives.

In efforts to reduce the impact of such natural disasters on our military families, EDEN provides researched-based information and resources to help prepare and recover.


the word "comminity" highlighted on a page Getting To Know You: Introducing Personal Finance Managers and Cooperative Extension to Each Other, hosted by the Personal Finance concentration area of OneOp, focused on building community capacity among financial educators working with military service members. During this webinar, programs and resources available to service members and families through each Military Services’ financial readiness programs and the Cooperative Extension System were discussed.


A reminder that the Community Capacity Building (CCB) training is available to provide program professionals with the strategies and tools needed to build capacity in a community.  Once completed, you’ll understand the community capacity building approach and the importance of connections in family support.