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In today’s Friday Field Notes, we will examine how cooperative extension can support the behavioral fitness domain of Total Force Fitness (TFF).

Service Member Deployment Cycle

What is Behavioral Fitness?

Behavioral health focuses on the relationship between behaviors and their impact on overall health. This includes the reduction of risky health behaviors and increasing health-promoting behaviors through substance misuse prevention, risk mitigation, and hygiene promotion. Increasing these health-promoting behaviors can also help improve physical, psychological, and nutritional fitness.

Cooperative Extension and Total Force Fitness

Cooperative extension provides programming that supports behavioral fitness. Check out your state’s cooperative extension website for blog posts, resources, and events near you.

Tobacco Use. With the recent rise in the number of teens vaping – or using e-cigarettes – cooperative extension offices around the country have been putting together educational material for parents and professionals working with teens. Here is some information on teen vaping from Minnesota and Ohio.

Driving Safely. Cooperative extension provides several programs aimed at improving safe driving. Including programs that promote the use of seatbelts, child care seat checks, and safe driving classes for teens and older adults. Contact your local extension offices to see what programs are offered near you.

Sleep and Health. Adequate sleep is essential to maintaining one’s overall health. As such, cooperative extension provides education on the importance of sleep and advice on how to improve sleep in adults and children. Check out these examples from Missouri and PennState extension.