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Calling all podcast listeners! Be on the lookout this fall as our OneOp Military Caregiving concentration will be releasing their latest iTunes podcast project, “PCS Caregiving.”

Permanent Change of Station or PCS is a common term used in the military as service members and families transition to different duty stations; but it can be useful in describing the transition military caregivers experience as they care for wounded warriors or individuals with special health care needs. Hence – “PCS Caregiving.”

This podcast series will discuss a variety of family caregiving issues and how helping professionals can better serve military families as they PCS from their role as a spouse, friend, partner, or loved one to a caregiver.

Each episode will feature unique caregiver issues, tips, strategies, resources, and subject matter experts on the PCS Caregiving journey. You can expect the first couple of episodes to focus on caregiver grief and loss and how caregivers can identify stages of grief and balancing loss and gains.

Stay tuned as we will continue posting updates on podcast release dates and more information on Episode 1: Balancing Loss and Gains.