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Friday Field Notes banner image: Featuring engaging stories from practitioners about how partnerships with Cooperative Extension help build Community Capacity to support military service men and women and their families.

In this week’s Friday Field Notes, we will continue our exploration of the resources and programming that OneOp provides to support Total Force Fitness with our Family Transitions team.

Family Transitions and Total Force Fitness

Supporting military families through transitions (e.g., PCSing, retirement) requires a holistic approach like that of Total Force Fitness. Accordingly, the programming offered by the Family Transitions team incorporates all eight domains of total force fitness.

Social and Psychological Fitness. Family Transitions is one of the MLFN teams producing the Resilience Series, a three-part webinar series aimed at promoting individual, family, and community resilience. Enhancing factors that promote resilience at multiple levels and reducing barriers to resilience supports both social and psychological fitness for military families.

If you would like to gather social and psychological fitness for military families experiencing transitions, check out Family Transitions’ Opportunities and Possibilities: Posttraumatic Growth in Research and Practice (Parts one and two), Working Out Loud: Building Networks for Resilience, and Engaging Across Generations (parts one and two) webinars.

Physical, Medical and Dental, and Nutritional Fitness. The diagnosis of a chronic illness and the co-occurring lifestyle changes is an important transition for families. In collaboration with Family Development, Military Caregiving, and Nutrition and Wellness, Family Transition produced Chronic Illness: Empowering Families in the Journal, parts one and two provide tools and resources for learning effective interdisciplinary strategies for supporting military families coping with the diagnosis of a chronic illness.

Environmental Fitness. In our previous blog post exploring the ways in which Cooperative Extension can support Total Force Fitness, we explored how Outdoor RX can support environmental fitness. Family Transition produced a webinar, Returning Warriors: Using Outdoor Recreations for Restoration and Resilience, with Dr. Keith Tidball, PI for Community Capacity Building, describing the benefits of outdoor recreation for resilience.

Spiritual Fitness. Coming soon, Family Transitions will be releasing a series of podcasts with 2018 Virtual Conference Keynote, Dr. Ann Phibbs. A continuation of the discussions from the 2018 Virtual Conference, the podcast will help educate and include resources for service providers to promote diversity and inclusion, a key piece of spiritual fitness.

Additional Resources from Family Transitions

Family Transitions programming aims to provide education and resources for service providers who are supporting military families through transitions. Programming from Family Transitions includes webinars, timely blog posts, podcasts, and videos. Keep up with news from Family Transitions by signing up for their newsletter and follow them on Twitter.