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Financial professionals know that clients’ financial troubles impact all areas of their lives. We also know the cycle of stress this can create; clients with financial trouble experience stress with leads to unhealthy behaviors, such as overspending, which adds to their financial troubles.  

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Examine the Intersections of Financial Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a function of physical, mental, emotional, economic, and social factors, among others. At times, an individual’s needs can compete for attention and resources, diminishing some while favoring others.

Shawn Young, from the Financial Health Institute, introduces a holistic approach to working with clients that blends healthcare and financial education in the Holistic Financial Health for Human Services session of the 2019 OneOp virtual conference, Relationships for Readiness

Join us on September 19 at 11:00 a.m. ET, to learn how you can help your clients manage their resources, reduce stress, and improve their overall health! Financial counselors will appreciate the personal finance angle, and learn how and why to work with providers in other fields, agencies, and disciplines. This session will begin a discussion on how to work more holistically with individuals and families to improve their financial health.

Continuing Education Credits Available

Attention AFCs and CPFCs – You can earn up to seven continuing education credits throughout the Relationships for Readiness virtual conference! Detailed information about continuing education offerings for this free event can be found on our conference webpage. 

Our 2019 Virtual Conference

Relationships for Readiness is a free event that invites service providers and educators to begin rethinking their work with military families by re-aligning themselves as connected and collaborative professionals, organizations, and agencies.

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