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For OneOp VC2019: Relationships for Readiness, we have created a printable IDEA-CATCHER journal you can download and print and use during each session of the conference. The IDEA-CATCHER journal is a holder of doodles, a container of thoughts, and a catcher of ideas for OneOp VC2019: Relationships For Readiness.

image of idea catcher cover

Doodles are a great way to capture ideas and concepts and visually represent relationships and connections. We encourage you to capture your ideas and thoughts by doodling and drawing in the IDEA-CATCHER during the conference.

Using a tool like the IDEA-CATCHER journal to take notes and capture thoughts may be something new for you and that’s great! Doing new things is good for the brain, and note-taking in a new and creative way might help you process the ideas presented in the conference in a new and creative way too.

Each OneOp VC2019 session has its own page to catch ideas, and there are instructions and tips on doodling auditory content in real time to get you started. You’ll find extra blank pages for notes and a page to color as well.

image of page 12

We encourage you to be creative and make the IDEA-CATCHER your own. Make it pretty or not, draw a little or a lot, and make it messy or keep it neat. Do whatever helps you understand, absorb, and retain what’s presented!

Get out all of your colored pencils, pens, and highlighters and fill your IDEA-CATCHER with scribbles and notes and ideas in the order and format that makes the most sense to you.

We hope you will share what you doodle during the conference, and if you do we may share it with other participants.

Remember, doodling is NOT art! If what you create is more like scribbling than drawing your creation is still fabulous and worthy of sharing.

Just snap a picture and tweet @MilFamLn to share! #MFLNVC
If you don’t tweet you can snap a pic and email it to us at [email protected]

Download and print the IDEA-CATCHER journal (PDF) so you’re ready to doodle! And if you haven’t already- RSVP now for OneOp VC2019: Relationships for Readiness!