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Friday Field Notes banner image: Featuring engaging stories from practitioners about how partnerships with Cooperative Extension help build Community Capacity to support military service men and women and their families.

In this week’s Friday Field Notes, we will continue our exploration of the resources and programming that OneOp provides to support Total Force Fitness with our Military Caregiving team.

Total Force Fitness and Military Caregiving

 Supporting military families of wounded service members and those caring for individuals with special needs requires a holistic approach, like that of Total Force Fitness. Therefore, you will find that the programming provided by Military Caregiving incorporates multiple Total Force Fitness domains, such as spiritual, psychological, and physical fitness, in order to assist service providers in supporting these families.

Military Family

Military Caregiving has an upcoming webinar, Moral Injury & Killing in Combat: Research & Clinical Implications, on October 30th.  This 1-hour webinar will address experiences that are unique to service members, such as moral injury, PTSD, and survivor’s guilt.  Service members, as well as their families, often experience the mental health and functional difficulties of such occurrences during and after military life. Attendees of this webinar will be more knowledgeable about the clinical implications of working with populations of wounded service members and be aware of upcoming research on the topic of moral injury.


Be sure to check out some of Military Caregiving’s previous events that address topics like supporting a child through special education and the IEP process or the relationship between health and finances.  Military Caregiving’s programming is a great example of collaboration and addressing multiple domains of Total Force Fitness provides the best support for military families.

Additional Resources from OneOp Military Caregiving

 Military Caregiving aims to support service providers working with the families of wounded service members and those caring for individuals with special needs.  Military Caregiving provides webinars , blog posts, provider/caregiving resources for special needs and wounded warriors, as well as a monthly newsletter. You can also follow the MC team on twitter!