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By Molly C. Herndon

Did you know in 2018 42% of student loan holders were late with a payment? Or that 3 in 10 working Americans uses a side hustle to cover living expenses? Or in 2017, 1 in 5 commissioned military officers were women? Have you read the World Health Organization’s report on dementia risk and its potential impact on financial health?

A profile photo of Dr. Barbara O'Neill

Dr. Barbara O’Neill

If this information is news to you, or if you haven’t found the time to look into these sobering statistics more closely, never fear, Dr. Barbara O’Neill is here.

On December 10, Dr. O’Neill will give her annual financial review for the fifth year in a row. Dr. O’Neill’s review digests research and stats into applicable actions financial educators and counselors can take with their students and clients.

2015 Personal Finance Year in Review

2016 Personal Finance Year in Review

2017 Personal Finance Year in Review

2018 Personal Finance Year in Review

Dr. O’Neill reviews a great deal of financial research and studies to curate the pieces of information shared in this webinar. This webinar also includes a detailed look at published government data and its impact on financial changes that happened in 2019 or will be coming in 2020. This webinar is also a great chance for financial educators to gather new educational resources and reference materials.2019 in purple text

RSVP for this free event now and make plans to join the conversation during this webinar that will be jam-packed with terrific materials and insights that will continue to impact our work and our lives in the coming year. 1.5 continuing education credits are available for AFCs and CPFCs.